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Seven Prophecy Seminars Begin!

Seven Prophecy Seminars Begin!

In July and August, Amazing Facts Philippines launched 7 TOP3 Program sites. TOP3 stands for Training, Outreach, and Preaching for 3 months. Each site began by conducting evangelism training focused on Conducting Bibles Studies and then proceeded by doing door-to-door Bible Studies for the 1st 2 months. Now, they are holding Prophecy Seminars to reap the harvest!

1 Site in Bukidnon

The Bukidnon site is located at Covered Court, Purok 4, Brgy. Poblacion, Kitaotao, Bukidnon. It is headed by Evangelist Glean Carl Acosta and a group of PAFCOE Graduates from Mindanao. They are also joined by some volunteers from the LIGHT Training School. This evangelism effort is conducted in coordination with the Central Mindanao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Prophecy Seminar is running from September 16 to October 15, 6:30 PM.

1 Site in North Davao

The North Davao site is located at Bustamante Residence, Purok Durian, Brgy Cagangohan, Panabo City. It is headed by Evangelist Clean War Orboc and he is joined by some volunteers from Cagangohan SDA Church. This evangelism effort is conducted in coordination with the North Davao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Prophecy Seminar runs on October 7 to November 5, 5:30 PM.

5 Sites in Negros Occidental

The location and head evangelists of each site in Negros Occidental are the following:

Basketball Court – Purok Petchay, Brgy. Gil Montilla, Sipalay City
Headed by Evangelist Darlyn Cabarubias

Bakante nga Lote, Purok 3, Sitio Buyong, Brgy. Tuyom, Cauayan
Headed by Evangelist Erwen Baynosa and joined by Evangelist Randy Balinton as Adult Seminar Speaker

Maytubig Elementary School Covered Court, Brgy. Maytubig, Isabela
Headed by Evangelist Nolito Vince and joined by Evangelist Roniel Pame as Adult Seminar Speaker

Basketball Court, Sitio Bermejo, Brgy. Camalobalo, Hinigaran
Headed by Evangelist Clert Abanilla and joined by Evangelist Edwin Lonado Jr. as Adult Seminar Speaker

Bakante nga Lote Tupad Basketball Court, Hacienda Villa Sagrado Oso, Brgy. Burgos, Cadiz City
Headed by Evangelist Avon Dale Tejero and joined by Evangelist Jelaville Luarez as Adult Seminar Speaker

All 5 sites are conducted in coordination with the Negro Occidental Conference of the Seventh-day Aventist Church.

The Prophecy Seminar for all 5 sites runs on October 7 to November 5, 6:30 PM.

Invite and Pray

If you are around any of the sites, do come and join us! Don’t forget to invite your family and friends. Most importantly, keep each site in your most earnest prayers!

Support Amazing Facts Philippines!

Help us to reach more people and conduct more prophecy seminars by becoming a Champion of Truth. Champions of Truth are wonderful people who love helping the work of God and support the ministry of Amazing Facts Philippines by giving a monthly donation. You can also choose to give a one time donation, every gift that you give to Amazing Facts Philippines will spread the Complete Three Angels’ Message to the entire Philippines and beyond.

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