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Reasons why your church should have PAFCOE Bible Workers:

  • Honest Work Hours - PAFCOE Bible Workers work 8 hours a day (from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM), 5 days a week,  and offers voluntary service every Sabbath. They are also instructed to endeavor to have at least 30 Bible Studies every week.

  • Keeps Record - PAFCOE Bible Workers keep a daily record of their activities and a weekly record of their interests. This reports are given to the church board (or to the appropriate person as arranged).

  • Quality Focused - PAFCOE Bible Workers ensure that their Bible interests have studied all Fundamental Beliefs and that they understood them. Also, an interest is immediately invited to attend Sabbath worship after learning it. Before recommending for baptism, an interest is carefully examined to make sure that he/she is properly grounded.

  • Thorough - PAFCOE Bible Workers have a very thorough method of looking for Bible Interest. They make sure no house is missed and that every soul in their territory is given opportunity for the gospel.

  • Flexible - PAFCOE Bible Workers are trained to conduct and participate in public evangelism, personal evangelism, health evangelism, child evangelism, and even literature evangelism. Their work capabilities range from giving bible studies, training the church, nurturing the newly baptized, to preaching in a prophecy seminar.

  • Unifying - PAFCOE Bible Workers seek to work for and to build the church. They seek to unify the church and bring about a revival as needed.

  • Regulated - PAFCOE Bible Workers have an organized system of reporting and evaluation and is regulated by the PAFCOE Bible Worker Coordinator to ensure quality of work.

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Contact our Bible Worker Coordinator

Name: Floramae Dejito

Mobile No. : (+63) 945 428 5473

E-mail: floradejito@gmail.com

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