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4 Months Training

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“Full-course final registration and orientation for Batch 16 is POSTPONED”

Training Duration:

  • 3 months classroom (POSTPONED)
  • 1 month On-The-Job (POSTPONED)



Course Description:

PAFCOE’s Full-Course is a very comprehensive training on all of the essential aspects of evangelism. It takes at least 4 months to complete. For 3 months its participants will be equipped to be able to preach, get bible study interests, give bible studies, bring people to a decision, organize and conduct public evangelismt efforts, answer bible questions, nurture the church, etc. After 3 months, qualified participants will be sent out to different parts of the Philippines for on-the-job training where they personally get to preach in their own public evangelism campaign for 4 weeks. After succesful completion of the course, a participant will be granted the PAFCOE Diploma and would be highly recommendable as Bible Worker and Public Evangelist. Full-Course graduates are also provided with and are given access to the most recent PAFCOE evangelism resources.



prepares our students to conduct their own evangelistic seminars. Questions such as: how to organize an evangelistic seminar, how to get, keep, and reap a crowd are all answered in this class. Every detail of an evangelistic seminar, from committees, advertising, budgeting, venue selection, and many more, are carefully discussed. Preaching classes equip our students to effectively capture and keep audience attention and to maintain the voice in various preaching conditions and lengths. They will also get to enjoy preaching their own sermons as they will be taught how to make memorable sermons.



provides an opportunity for our students to immediately apply what they have learned from Public Evangelism Theory classes. Within the 1st 3 months of training, students get a chance to participate in an actual evangelistic seminar. Here, theory comes to life as students get to experience what was told in the classroom. This is also where students choose to specialize either as Adult Public Evangelist or as Child Public Evangelist.

To boost their evangelism experience and to bring in precious souls, qualified full-course students are sent out to different parts of the Philippines to conduct their own Evangelistic Seminar. A qualified full-course student will get to preach a 29 session prophecy seminar within 4 weeks. A PAFCOE Student Prophecy Seminar has often, if not always, resulted to a revival of the host church accompanied with bountiful harvest.



equips our students with techniques in reaching the little ones. Another subject unique only in PAFCOE, this is where students learn how to preach the word to children. An evangelism field so challenging yet so rewarding, students are taught how to organize a children’s seminar, how to preach solid truth in the children’s level, how to discipline a child, etc.

Unlike common Vacation Bible School, PAFCOE’s children seminar delivers Bible Doctrines to the Children. Truths are presented through songs, nature nuggets and bible stories. Not to mention, we don’t teach children to sing empty energizers but memorable scripture songs.



teaches students how to conduct winsome bible studies. Applying the method of Christ, students learn various methods of acquiring bible interests, how to deal with objections, how to bring the interest to a decision, and many more. Spiritual development classes lead students to an in-depth study of the Bible and a closer communion with God.



doubles the effectivity of our students with the right arm of the gospel. As Jesus went out healing and preaching, so will our students. In a very balanced presentation, students learn how to conduct health expos, balance nutritional needs, do massage, apply charcoal and hydrotherapy, make Russian penicillin, and many more.



enriches the learning experience of our students by giving them time to apply what they learned from Personal Evangelism class. Students get to experience using Amazing Facts Surveys and Health Assessment Surveys to get bible study interests. More than anything, the opportunity to conduct bible studies house to house is what truly makes this subject so blessed.

Brings our students into the sacred work of canvassing inspired books. Students learn how to effectively present the books before potential buyers. When faced with objections or arguments, our students would sure know the right words to say. Students will be able to appreciate the real purpose of literature ministry.



anchors our students to solid bible truths. Fresh insights are brought into the study of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With enlightening illustrations, doctrinal studies have never been so interesting. Understand the teachings of the Bible and be equipped to answer for the faith.


unveils prophetic mysteries before our students. Learn the principles of understanding bible prophecy. Get into a detailed and very practical study of Daniel and Revelation. Explaining prophecies will never be a pain again.


covers various topics such as music in evangelism, optimum health in evangelism, evangelizing Islam, Christian relationship, knowing God’s will, etc.. The remaining essentials of an effective evangelist are covered in this class.




Tuition Discount

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Avail 20% Tuition Discount when you complete all the enrollment requirements and pay the registration and tuition fee on or before March 31, 2020.


The 950.00 PhP (20 USD) registration fee covers the communication and processing expenses incurred by PAFCOE for a particular applicant. The registration fee also confirms the determination of an application to join the program. Since seats in PAFCOE are limited, the registration fee also RESERVES BUT DOES NOT CONFIRM a seat for an applicant. An applicant with a reserved seat can choose to pay the full/initial tuition fee on the Final Orientation and Registration date (see info above). However, an applicant who pays the full/initial tuition fee will be given seat confirmation over an applicant that has a reserved seat but has not paid the tuition.


Given that an applicant is fully registered, PAYING THE TUITION FEE WILL CONFIRM A SEAT for an applicant. The cost for the 4-month PAFCOE course is 27,000 PhP (563 USD). This amount includes tuition and food. PAFCOE will provide 3 meals per day 7 days a week for 3 months. The tuition can be paid in 3 payments: 9,000 PhP (188 USD) – On the Final Registration Date, 9,000 PhP (188 USD) – on the Last Week of August, and 9,000 PhP (188 USD) – on the Last Week of September.

The following tuition discounts can be availed by any fully registered applicant:
20% Discount – when an applicant is fully registered and pays 100% tuition fee on or before March 31, 2020
10% Discount – when an applicant is fully registered and pays 100% tuition fee on July 23, 2020
10% Discount – when an applicant invites a friend to enroll in PAFCOE Full-course. The discount will only be applied to an applicant when the invited friend is fully registered and pays the full/initial tuition.
5% Discount – when an applicant invites a friend to enroll in PAFCOE iPreach. The discount will only be applied to an applicant when the invited friend is fully registered and pays the full/initial tuition.


Trainees are expected to provide for their own books. Books are available for purchase through PAFCOE. The total cost for all required books, is approximately 2,000.00 PhP ($42.0 USD). A booklist will be issued upon acceptance into the program.


Trainees are required to participate in all outreach activities. Jeepney or tricycle costs must be covered by each individual student, approximately 2,500.00 PhP (52.00 USD).


Trainees are required to wear their uniform at all times. PAFCOE trainees will have two uniforms: Type A – a formal attire for Outreach and Worship and Type B – a polo-shirt for class days. The estimated cost for uniforms is Php 2,000.00 ($42.00 USD).


The Dormitory costs Php 3,000 pesos ($63.00 USD). The dormitory fee avails a double deck bed with sleeping foam good for 3 months. The occupants will have to provide their own bedding, blanket, and pillow.


The following is the breakdown of the actual costs for attending PAFCOE:
Registration Php 950.00 (20 USD)
Tuition Php 27,000.00 (563.00 USD)
Books Php 2,000.00 (42.00 USD)
Travel Php 2,500.00 (52.00 USD)
Uniform Php 2,000.00 (42.00 USD)
Accommodation: Php 3,000.00 (63.00 USD)


There are 2 options that you can take if you cannot afford the PAFCOE Full-course Training:




The best of Amazing Facts Evangelism Resources are at your disposal when you join PAFCOE. Students are given and taught how to use the very Evangelistic PowerPoint Slides used by Amazing Facts Evangelists, that’s over 8 GB of evangelism resource. That’s not all, PAFCOE graduates can always get the latest resource update as they come.


PAFCOE students and graduates are entitled to over 20% discounts everytime they buy from the Amazing Facts Philippines Bookstore. This means that PAFCOE participants can take advantage of the difference between the SRP and the discounted price and earn an extra income.


PAFCOE students get the privilege of exploring different parts of the Philippines as they preach the 3 angels’ message. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the Philippines is waiting for you. Now, that’s what you call mission trip! In PAFCOE, we also call this On-the-Job Training (see Training Coverage). Yes, it’s a requirement to graduate from PAFCOE Full-course but come to think of it, not everyone gets to experience it. Self-paying students gets to choose their own evangelistic site, sponsors choose for sponsored students, and PAFCOE chooses for scholars. Graduates can be redeployed for so many times, as long as they are willing. By the way, PAFCOE deploys an evangelistic team with a 27,000 pesos ($540 USD) budget.


Faithful PAFCOE participants experience miracles with their own hands and see it with their own eyes. Miracles of healing, providences, and conversion often come their way. The promise is true! “Go ye therefore… I am with you always.” Once you take that big step and participate in active soul-winning, miracles will be your own story!


Bible Worker Internship is the higher phase of PAFCOE training. Only good performing Full-course graduates can have the privilege of becoming a Bible Worker Intern. This is a perk in itself because CREDENTIALED BIBLE WORKERS (Bible Workers who successfully accomplish the Bible Worker Internship requirements) are at high demand and will always have witnessing opportunities. To TOP it up, PAFCOE makes sure that CREDENTIALED BIBLE WORKERS under its BIBLE WORKER PROGRAM receive well sufficient missionary stipend.