The Best Gift for your Non-Adventist Friends?

Have you been thinking about the best gift you can give to your non-Adventist friends? The devil is bombarding your friends with things that have no eternal benefit. Unfortunately, gifts that present the gospel rarely come in an attractive and interesting package. It feels terribly bad knowing that your friends are not receiving what they need. You don't have to feel that way anymore!


Meet AF Bookstore Philippines, we care for the salvation of your friend as much as you do! For over 40 years, we have been a source of attractive, informative, and effective Christian gift materials that can WOW any truth seeker regardless of their background.



Here are 3 simple steps that you can do:

Step No. 1


Step No. 2

Click the link that will show up after submitting the form.


Step No. 3

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You don't have to worry because we won't spam your e-mail and your info will be kept confidential. And NO HUSTLE because you can pay through credit card, Paypal, or even Cash-on-Delivery (COD). Your order will arrive wherever you are in the Philippines.


This is your chance, Go ahead and fill-up the form! If you can't shop right now, make sure to save and revisit this page:


As you follow the 3 simple steps:


1. You get the best deal we ever gave for our AF Magazines.

2. You can give, to your friends, the gospel packed in full-colored amazingly illustrated magazines.

3. You can feel confident in Jesus that you have done your part for the salvation of your friends before the year ends.


Our stocks are extremely limited.  If you don't order right now, you might lose an opportunity to get hold of these amazing gift magazines.


From being just another troubled concerned friend, you can become a special saving friend-a soul-winner, just like Jesus!

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