This fund is restricted and is only used for maintaining and sustaining PAFCOE's current facility and for acquiring and building up PAFCOE's own campus.


PAFCOE had been praying to have its headquarters in a country area, a facility that can accommodate a faculty room, a class room, a kitchen and dinning area, two dormitories, a media room and recording studio, a health laboratory and clinic, a work and storage room, a publishing office and production area, a church, and staff housing. As soon as we have these, we will be able to expand the program by offering subjects such as Agriculture, Music Evangelism, Media Evangelism, Healthful Cooking, and Livelihood. You can help us make this dream a reality by donating to our Campus and Development Fund.

If you have  any question regarding donation matters, feel free to contact PAFCOE's Finance Coordinator:
E-mail: pafcoefinance@gmail.com
Mobile: (+63) 918 468 2857 or (+63) 905 685 7774
Visit: PAFCOE Office, Manila Center SDA Church, D. Tuazon corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

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