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PAFCOE needs your help to continue training powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ!

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PAFCOE, the Philippine Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, provides comprehensive training in all aspects of evangelistic ministry for both clergy and lay people in the Philippines. Hundreds of men and women have already graduated from this training center, and their Spirit-led outreach work has resulted in thousands of baptisms since the PAFCOE began-new souls for God’s kingdom!

But PAFCOE needs your help to continue training powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ! From sponsoring a trainee or Bible Worker, helping fund a full evangelistic seminar, or donating equipment, you can make an enormous impact for Christ right now. Donate today and change countless lives for eternity.


PAFCOE students and graduates are entitled to over 20% discounts everytime they buy from the Amazing Facts Philippines Bookstore. This means that PAFCOE participants can take advantage of the difference between the SRP and the discounted price and earn an extra income.


Amazing Facts Philippines plans to conduct at least 42 prophecy seminars in 2020. We have the manpower to be able to do this but our current available fund would limit us.

Scholarship Fund 2020

PAFCOE’s 16th Evangelism Training Session is on its way. And just like past training sessions, we expect to have applicants who have a passion for soul-winning but cannot afford the training expenses. They don’t have to miss the training, that’s why we are raising Scholarship Funds.


More and more people are getting into the video hype. There is quite a lot of argumentation whether this trend will bring about good or bring about bad. One thing is sure, this presents a wide-open door for ministry.

If you have  any question regarding donation matters,
feel free to contact PAFCOE’s Finance Coordinator:

Mobile: (+63) 945 649 7249 or (+63) 943 310 2377
Visit: PAFCOE Office, Manila Center SDA Church, D. Tuazon corner
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines