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This is your opportunity to host an Amazing Facts Prophecy Seminar in your church or district. 

The Bible Prophecy Presentation covers 29 topics within 4 weeks and 2 days

We believe that the gospel presentation must be gradual (2 Peter 4:9). The 1 up to 2 topic a day format provides ample time for a seminar attendee to contemplate on the subject that was presented.

We also believe that the gospel presentation must be complete (John 16:13). The nightly topics includes all essential truths that a person needs to know to be able to accept and to follow Christ. 

See the TOPIC OUTLINE for more info.

Target Schedules

  • August 27 – September 25, 2021
  • October 15 – November 13, 2021
  • December 3, 2021 – January 1, 2022

PAFCOE Will Provide

1. Adult Evangelist

PAFCOE will provide an evangelist who is trained and specializes in adult evangelism. This person will serve as the speaker of the prophecy seminar for adults.

2. Child Evangelist

Depending on the availability of our evangelists and on the need of your seminar site, PAFCOE will provide an evangelist who is trained and specializes in child evangelism. This person will serve as the speaker of the prophecy seminar for children. A children’s seminar can be conducted simultaneously with the adult program, it can also be conduct an hour or 2 hours before the adult program.

3. A ₱27,000.00 SEMINAR BUDGET

PAFCOE will provide a ₱27,000.00 budget to be used exclusively for the prophecy seminar expenses. This will cover the costs of advertising the meeting, handouts for the participants, and other costs related to the series. Costs for flyers, tarps, handouts, etc. are already deducted from this amount before the evangelistic team is deployed. Also, each team member can use as much as ₱2,500 out of the budget to cover travel expense from their current address to the seminar site and vice versa.

4. Bonus: Basic Personal Evangelism Training and Nurturing Training

PAFCOE evangelists are equipped to conduct Basic Personal Evangelism Training. PAFCOE evangelists will arrive 1 week ahead of the prophecy seminar schedule. During this time, the evangelist can organize a training program to equip the church members about How to Conduct Bible Studies. As part of the personal evangelism training, PAFCOE evangelist can also train the church on how to nurture the newly baptized.

5. Bonus: Week of Prayer Program

PAFCOE evangelists are equipped to conduct a 5 part week of prayer series before prophecy seminar. This week of prayer is intended to revive, to encourage, and to unite the church members. With the help of the Holy Spirit a revived and united church is essential for a successful prophecy seminar.

What the Host Church Must Commit to Provide

1. The Best Venue for the Prophecy Seminar

The host church must arrange for the best venue for the Prophecy Seminar. For the purpose of increasing church membership, we recommend holding the seminar for 2 weeks in a PUBLIC VENUE and 2 week in the  Church building. For church  planting purposes, we recommend holding the seminar in a PUBLIC VENUE for it’s full duration. A good seminar venue has a high traffic of people, is easily accessible, is not prejudiced by the community, and is not noisy.

2. Lodging and Vegan Food for PAFCOE Evangelists

The church must commit to provide sleeping quarters and vegan food for the evangelists. In case the church does not know anyone who can prepare a vegan meal (no meat and no dairy), the church can provide the evangelists with a food budget and cooking utensils so the evangelists can prepare their own food.

3. Funds to Cover Extra Travel Expense

Each PAFCOE Evangelist can use up to ₱2,500.00 for their back and forth travel expense to the site. The travel expense includes airplane, bus, jeepney, or any other modes of transportation. Our evangelists should be able to provide you with receipts as needed.

Example: If the total back and forth travel expenses of 2 evangelists is ₱10,000.00, the church must provide ₱5,000.00 to supplement the ₱5,000.00 travel budget that can be taken out of the seminar budget. Be assured that PAFCOE is committed to utilize the cheapest means to get our evangelists in to your site and back.

4. Projector and Public Address System

The church must provide at least 1 LCD projector (or sizable digital TV Screen) and 1 Public Address System. For churches that will be hosting a children’s seminar together with the adult seminar, it is best if there are 2 projectors and 2 PA systems to the program can be conducted simultaneously. Otherwise, the children’s program must be conducted before the adult program. The seminar will be using Power Point Presentations and the mentioned equipment are a must.

4. Seminar Participants and Total Member Involvement

The Church must organize seminar committees and assign program participants for the nightly meetings. Participants are essential for the program: ushers (at least 1 person), greeters (at least 1 person), registration in-charge (at least 1 person), children’s program assistants (at least 2 persons), music/musicians (solo or group singers/instrumentalist).

Church members are expected to bring non-Adventist friends and relatives and to participate in flier (handbill) distribution and other visitation activities

5. Interest Coordinator and Ground Work

The church must assign at least 1 person in-charge of bringing Bible interests in the nightly meetings. It is best if is there is at least 1 month of intensive groundwork prior to the schedule start of the meeting.

6. Sync the Church Programs and Activities with the Seminar

The church should allow PAFCOE Evangelists to be the speaker of the Hour of Worship/Divine Service for the whole duration of the seminar so they can complete all necessary topics of the series. The church programs and activities should be synchronized with the Prophecy Seminar schedule so that most, if not all, of the church members will have the opportunity to join and participate in the nightly meetings. Avoid conducting church outings within the duration of the Prophecy Seminar.

How to Host a Prophecy Seminar

1. Fill-out the Request Form

Public Evangelism Request

What is your office or position in the church that will host the seminar?
What is the name of the Church that will host the Prophecy Seminar ?
Who is the Head Elder of the Host Church
Who is the Senior Pastor / District Pastor of the Host Church *
What mission/conference does the host church belong?
Who is the Ministerial Director of the Mission where the host church belongs?
Describe the ground preparation at the target evangelism site. How prepared is the target site for a Prophecy Seminar?
How many persons are are expected to be baptized s a result of the prophecy seminar? Kindly indicate an estimated range.
How much budget is the church willing to allocate for the prophecy seminar? This is optional, but we will prioritize churches that are willing to provide a budget counterpart for the expenses of the prophecy seminar.
Worst = 1 star, Best = 5 star. How prepared is the church and the venue for a Prophecy Seminar?
Why do you want to host a prophecy seminar by a PAFCOE Evangelist?

2. Print, Read, and Sign the Agreement Form

3. Upload the Completed Agreement Form

4. Wait for Confimation

After completing the 3 steps, wait for confirmation from the Outreach Coordinator if your request is accepted or denied. For inquiries, feel free to contact the PAFCOE Director:
Kevin Pingol
(+63) 967 621 7584