DURATION: 12 consecutive Sundays and 1 month on-the-job training



"iPREACH final registration and beginning of classes is POSTPONED"

iPREACH training program focuses on Public Evangelism and equips its participants to become effective Public Evangelist. Designed for working professionals, students, and businessmen who don't have the time to join the Full-Course Training. The training duration is 12 consecutive Sundays from July 26 to October 20, 2020 synchronized with the Full-course Training. Immediately after 12 Sundays, students will be deployed to conduct their own 29 Session Prophecy Seminar from October 30 to November 28, 2020 (1 month) within the territory of Central Luzon Conference.


Qualified training participants will also be provided with the iPreach Resource Folder upon deployment. The digital resource folder is an All-in-One Public Evangelism resource.


  • Public Evangelism Principles

  • Organizing a Prophecy Seminar

    • Initiating a Prophecy Seminar

    • Choosing a site

    • Budgeting Principles

    • Forming Seminar Committees

  • Gathering a Crowd

    • Advertisement Principles

    • Conducting Bridge Events

  • Keeping a Crowd

    • Topic Outline

    • Title Making Principles

    • Dynamic Preaching

  • Reaping a Crowd

    • Principles of Making Appeals

    • Measuring Success

    • Clearing Baptism Candidates

  • Preaching Principles

    • How to Preach

    • Vocal Culture

  • Sermon Making Principles

    • Sermon Structure

    • Sermon Construction

  • Plus Exciting Bonus Topics!




The 950.00 PhP (20 USD) registration fee covers the communication and processing expenses incurred by PAFCOE for a particular applicant. The registration fee also confirms the determination of an application to join the program. Since seats in PAFCOE are limited, the registration fee also RESERVES BUT DOES NOT CONFIRM a seat for an applicant. An applicant with a reserved seat can choose to pay the full/initial tuition fee on the Final Orientation and Registration date (see info above). However, an applicant who pays the full/initial tuition fee will be given seat confirmation over an applicant that has a reserved seat but has not paid the tuition.



Given that an applicant is fully registered, PAYING THE TUITION FEE WILL CONFIRM A SEAT for an applicant. The cost for the 12 Sundays iPreach course is 5,850 PhP (122 USD). This amount includes tuition and food. PAFCOE will provide 3 meals per day for 12 Sundays. The tuition can be paid in 3 payments: 1,950 PhP (41 USD) - On the Final Registration Date, 1,950 PhP (41 USD) - on the last Sunday of August, and 1,950 PhP (41 USD) - on the last Sunday of September.


The following tuition discounts can be availed by any fully registered applicant:

20% Discount - when an applicant is fully registered and pays 100% tuition fee on or before March 31, 2020

10% Discount - when an applicant is fully registered and pays 100% tuition fee on July 26, 2020

10% Discount - when an applicant invites a friend to enroll in PAFCOE Full-course. The discount will only be applied to an applicant when the invited friend is fully registered and pays the full/initial tuition.

5% Discount - when an applicant invites a friend to enroll in PAFCOE iPreach. The discount will only be applied to an applicant when the invited friend is fully registered and pays the full/initial tuition.



Trainees are expected to provide for their own books. Books are available for purchase through PAFCOE. The total cost for all required books, is approximately 1,000 PhP (21 USD). A booklist will be issued upon acceptance into the program.


Trainees are required to participate in all outreach activities related to Public Evangelism. Transportation expenses must be covered by each individual student, approximately 500.00 PhP ($11.00 USD).



Trainees are required to wear their uniform at all times. PAFCOE trainees will have two uniforms: Type A - a formal attire for Outreach and Worship and Type B - a polo-shirt for class days. The estimated cost for uniforms is Php 1,000.00 ($21.00 USD).

iPREACH trainees are expected to have their own accommodation outside of the PAFCOE Training Center Vicinity.




The following is a breakdown of the actual costs for attending iPreach:

  • Registration: Php 950.00 (20 USD)

  • Tuition:      Php 5,850.00 (122 USD)

  • Books:       Php   1,000.00 (21 USD)

  • Uniform:   Php 1,000.00 (21 USD) - 1 long sleeves for men; 1 blouse and 1 skirt for ladies

  • Accommodation is excluded and arranged separately

  • Travel costs during outreach activities will be personally covered by the student




The best of Amazing Facts Evangelism Resources are at your disposal when you join PAFCOE. Students are given and taught how to use the very Evangelistic PowerPoint Slides used by Amazing Facts Evangelists, that's over 8 GB of evangelism resource. That's not all, PAFCOE graduates can always get the latest resource update as they come.   



PAFCOE students and graduates are entitled to over 20% discounts everytime they buy from the Amazing Facts Philippines Bookstore. This means that PAFCOE participants can take advantage of the difference between the SRP and the discounted price and earn an extra income by selling Amazing Facts books and magazines.


Yes, iPREACH students are required to preach 29 topics in 1 month but come to think of it, not everyone gets to experience that. While still training, iPREACH participants raise their own budget and choose their own evangelistic site. After successfully completing the training program, iPREACH Graduates can be redeployed by PAFCOE for so many times, as long as they are willing. Under PAFCOE deployment, an iPREACH graduate can take an assignment to preach in different parts of the Philippines. By the way, an evangelism budget of 27,000 pesos ($540 USD) is given when PAFCOE redeploys an iPREACH Graduate.


Faithful PAFCOE participants experience miracles with their own hands and see it with their own eyes. Miracles of healing, providences, and conversion often come their way. The promise is true! "Go ye therefore... I am with you always." Once you take that big step and participate in active soul-winning, miracles will be your own story!


Successful graduates of iPREACH program are exempted from Public Evangelism classes when they join the FULL-COURSE Training. That's  72 hours of extra time that can be used in answering full-course training assignments.

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