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On 12th of October 2019, twenty-eight souls gave their lives to Christ in the waters of baptism at Camp Crame pool. Because of unexpected circumstances, Three more souls missed the baptism date but they are already scheduled to have their baptism this coming October 26. These individuals were the result of the one-month Revelations of Bible Prophecy conducted by PAFCOE at Shekinah Fellowship Hall, Cubao on September 13 to October 12.

Batch 15 Arises!

On 25th of July 2019, individuals from different part of the Philippines, and even from other countries came to enlist themselves for PAFCOE Batch 15 training. The long wait is over, now Batch 15 shall arise.

Amazing Facts Bookstore Philippines

The demand for the Amazing Facts publications has been increasing, even in the Philippines. To serve the Adventist community’s stipulation, Amazing Facts Philippines did their best to have the publications available in the country.

Online Bible School’s First Graduate; 2 Evangelistic Teams, 1 Month of Preaching, 101 Souls Baptized!; 3 More Public Evangelism Efforts;

First Ever Online Bible School - Volume 2 Release 1

In this issue: Amazing Facts Ph Launches the First Ever Online Bible School (Focused on the 3 Angels’ Message) in the Philippines and 2 Small Scale Seminars Reap 56 Souls

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