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Media Fund

More and more people are getting into the video hype. There is quite a lot of argumentation whether this trend will bring about good or bring about bad. One thing is sure, this presents a wide-open door for ministry. Amazing Facts Philippines Media wants to cast the net where the fishes are.

Amazing Facts Video production needs to reach Filipino masses. Even more, we want to produce timely Bible-based video programs that will captivate and enlighten the Philippines and beyond. We have gathered together a team of Videographers, Scriptwriters, Editors, and Web Administrators to be able to reach these goals.

However, production costs are huge! That’s why we are raising a Media Fund. Help us to continue producing:

  • Changed Lives (Short Vids)
  • Mission Miracles (Short Vids)
  • Testimonies of Faith (Short Vids)
  • What You Must Know (Short Vids)
  • Let’s Study (Regular LIVE Stream)

Future Productions:

  • Bible Answers Live Tagalog (Weekly LIVE Stream)
  • Air Amazing Facts Presents in a Philippine Local TV Channel

We have so many wonderful video projects in line but our financial hurdles are limiting us. Please consider giving a monthly gift to this fund and be our evangelism partner. Every gift given to this fund will push Amazing Facts Philippines Media forward enabling us to reach souls beyond our physical presence.

Contact PAFCOE’s Finance Coordinator for Donation related inquiries

Mobile: (+63) 975 807 9790
Visit: PAFCOE Office, Manila Center SDA Church, D. Tuazon corner
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines