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Amazing Facts Philippines conducts prophecy seminars all over the Philippines. These meetings cover the complete Three Angels Message. We share 29 topics in a span of 4 weeks to make sure that attendees are well informed to the point that they can make reasonable decisions based on the wonderful truths of God’s word.

Providing a solid foundation, our prophecy seminars have resulted in a higher retention rate among the newly baptized. In fact, through the working of the Holy Spirit, converts have become soul-winners themselves! Even more amazing is that the bonds created by the monthlong evangelistic meetings were so strong that 4 urban churches (all in Metro Manila) and at least 4 rural churches in other parts of the Philippines have been established just in the past 4 years.

On top of this, Amazing Facts Philippines also manage several Bible Workers who give Bible studies from door-to-door. The ministry also offers online Bible studies through its Bible study website.

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Mobile: (+63) 975 807 9790
Visit: PAFCOE Office, Manila Center SDA Church, D. Tuazon corner
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines