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On May 7, 2021, the new online Bible study platform was launched. That is, There is always room for improvement in the ministry as Amazing Facts Ph strives to share the Word of God in a better and most favorable way, especially in the online world.

The new website flexes the same study features but now, it also offers fully automatic functions on the lessons, quizzes, e-book downloads, and certificate downloads. Thus, making it more accessible and user-friendly.


The special feature that we are so excited about the new website is its ability to create “Groups”. Now, we can offer the Online Bible School to be used by any ministry or institution. In just minutes, we can setup a customized page that can be used by any ministry to invite Online Bible Students. Each student who registers to the page will automatically be added to the ministry’s group.

One or more representative of the collaborating ministry will then be granted special access to group monitoring and management tools. The progress and the activities of each Bible Student are reported in real time so that students can be assisted and encouraged promptly as needed. Best of all, the website will notify the ministry representative when a Bible Student makes a decision on significant topics.

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