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The pandemic has prevented the PAFCOE training in 2020. Until now, the health protocols are still implemented which gives the challenge to conduct the usual in-person training. To continue with the ministry’s commitment, PAFCOE finds its way to conduct its training online.

Even before all the restrictions, many individuals, especially those who cannot come over the training center, have asked if PAFCOE had an online training. With the new normal, now is the perfect time to launch such avenue of ministry.

Though the online platform is largely different from the physical training, it follows the same principles and has the much-needed materials to equip anyone for God’s work.

On February 19, PAFCOE officially launched the PAFCOE Online through ONLINE.PAFCOE.ORG. The online evangelism training offers inspired instructions. The lessons are based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy principles. It is packed and practical as each course has practical lessons and assignments designed to enable immediate execution. Each course contains premium resources from Amazing Facts as the training progresses.

What’s inside…

The training features three courses: Amazing Disciples, Amazing Doctrines, and Conducting Bible Studies.

Amazing Disciples is an intensive 13-week online lesson course presented by real experts in the field—the dedicated, experienced instructors at the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE).

This course is excellent for personal devotions and Bible study groups. This can be a perfect tool for churches to use in training members for outreach.

The purpose of this course is to provide affordable, convenient, and most importantly, in-depth and empowering Bible and outreach training.

Amazing Doctrines course is designed by the renowned Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE). Throughout the next 13 inspiring weeks, you’ll get focused on trustworthy teachings about the Scripture, Salvation, Sanctuary, Afterlife, Second Coming, Sabbath, Stewardship, Health, and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Each week-long lesson features an inspiring introduction, scripture to memorize, an in-depth Bible study, reflection & group discussion questions, and more to help you stand firm on foundational scriptural truths and confidently teach others to do the same.

Amazing Disciples and Amazing Doctrines are the same courses being offered at AFCOE. The good news is, PAFCOE ONLINE offers the courses for a special Philippine price of ₱5,500 only ($113). To top that, those who enroll before March 31 are getting an additional 30% discount.

The surprises are not even over yet… PAFCOE ONLINE offers a 3rd course for FREE! Yup! You read that right!

This FREE course, Conducting Bible Studies, answers the following common questions: Why should we want to participate in the work of soul-winning?; What are the principles in conducting Bible studies?; How do we get Bible students?; and learn the basics of Conducting Bible Studies when you take this Online Crash Course.

PAFCOE’s flexible online courses are available anytime and anywhere! Formatted for both desktop and mobile devices, each PAFCOE class is easily accessible and in-depth, delivering world-class Bible and outreach training at an amazing price.

It offers interactive learning where the students can discuss with fellow students and have the opportunity to get their questions answered by PAFCOE staff. Moreover, the lectures are given by some of the best Amazing Facts evangelists.

When a student finishes a course, he will receive a diploma. He will also be granted numerous resources for evangelism materials.

The PAFCOE staff praises God for enabling them to build this online training. By God’s grace, more will become equipped as soldiers for the Lord in the Philippines and beyond. |



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