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1st PAFCOE Mindanao Reunion | PAFCOE Update

In case you missed it, here’s a glimpse of the 1st ever PAFCOE Mindanao Reunion. This 3-day event is attended by PAFCOE Graduates, Friends, Families, and Ministry Partners. These wonderful meetings are sweet moments of recollection, revival, and reengagement! 

We are so delighted to have the first reunion for Mindanao of Amazing Facts Philippines. And in fact, it's a blessing to see missionaries around. It's always a joy to be with missionaries because we also feel to be one of them. It's a blessing in disguise and a providence that they are here with us, and be able to share and hear the testimonies and messages they are feasting this weekend. 

Dr. Elvin Tecson

Siloam Valley Institute President

I am super blessed to be here at PAFCOE Reunion because it's a great opportunity for me to be recharged. You can meet with your missionary friends. And then one thing is how God will work in me throughout this PAFCOE Reunion

Carol Gantalao

PAFCOE Batch 5 Graduate

Actually, it's a mixed emotion. Even in the preparation of this reunion I am so blessed because I experienced the Lord speaking to me through His Holy Spirit. And it's a wonderful experience inside and  I feel this revival inside of me especially when I hear the messages of songs and messages of words that God gives to us. 

Bryan Bueno

PAFCOE Batch 13 Graduate

More testimonies in the video! Be blessed and let us know about reflections in the comments.

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  1. Pastor DOUG, Our God is going to vindicate His name in the World, with or without us! Period. Evangelist Jimmy Lang, Dallas Texas. Speaker/Director for Word Of Life Ministries. I also own several small companies by the grace of Almighty God. Keep up the Good Work!!!

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