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Muddy Tracks, Mighty Truth

Changed Lives | Eagle & Eric Tigihanon

Eric was drunk when Eagle asked him to push his wheelchair to the prophecy seminar, their tracks were muddy but the truth is mighty!

I went to school that Monday, and it was already the morning recess around 8 AM. I jumped over the fence because the gate was overcrowded, and I fell into a ditch. My father brought me to the hospital. I underwent X-rays, and several cracks were found in my bones and in my hand. Eventually, it was discovered that my bones have deteriorated. I needed to undergo three operations, but my father did not have the money for the operations. We just went home.

I was in the fifth grade when I got crippled. Since then, everything has changed because I could not walk anymore and I could not play with anyone. I could not go to school, and I could not study anymore. I could no longer help my father with the chores at home. I thought, “I wish I could walk. I wish this did not happen to me.”

The first time I heard the Word of God was when Avon and other three missionaries came to the playground, and I was also there. They came to teach children and adults. I am happy that, though I do not know how to read, I was able to understand the Word of God through Bible study.

I also learned about the seminar in Tumpok. I went there with aunt Wayway. I asked permission from my father who was drinking. I joined the children’s seminar. After that, I told my father, “Pa, let us attend tomorrow! Come with me because the sermon was really nice, Pa.” I invited my father.

It was four in the afternoon when I came home from work. I usually drop by the store to drink alcohol. He came to me with his younger sibling pushing the wheelchair. He pleaded with me to push him to Tumpok so he could attend Bible study. I got angry and scolded him, “You have been attending there and now you want to involve me!”

Of course, I haven’t tried attending yet. However, he was facing me and crying to me that I should send him and go with him there. I felt pity for him, I went home to change clothes. I brought him there. Though it was rainy and muddy, I just endured pushing his old wheelchair. When we arrived there, I was drunk. I sat on a chair listening to their message. Later on, it became pleasing to hear their sermon. The next day, Bugoy said, “let’s return there, Pa.”

I learned from the seminar that pork should not be eaten, and also about the Antichrist & 666. What I learned about the Sabbath is that the day of worship is not Sunday. The true Sabbath worship is Saturday. It’s there that God rested and He made it holy. I felt in the seminar that I became closer to God. I am happy that my father quit his vices. He would just stay at home and do his work.

When I went home, I would no longer hang out at the store. I would go home directly to prepare and bathe them because they want to go, I bring them there. When ma’am Darlyn preached about Jesus being crucified, it was there that I realized man should stop sinning because it is not you as a man who would pay the penalty but it’s actually the LORD Himself.

All my vices disappeared, and my children had been telling me, “You should stop drinking, pa, because our mother is no longer here. If something were to happen to you, we would be pitiful.” I realized that I should avoid vices so that I could take care of my children. I greatly believe that it was God Himself who gave me a new life and new conduct in my home.

I decided to get baptized in this religion. I realized that regardless of how sinful we are, God still forgives us as long as we ask for forgiveness. I want to obey God’s commandments because He is LORD and the LORD loves me. I am happy that God is in my life. I got baptized on July 30 at Joana, district of Jerusalem.

Indeed, there is great hope in this world because there is God. God is now in our family. And I am happy that my father was changed. We now have, every morning, every noon, and evening, and when we sleep, we pray with my father.

Though I had several vices, through Amazing Facts, my vices were gone. Thanks to them and thanks to the beloved LORD for changing me, my lifestyle, and my children.

I can say that the program of Amazing Facts is very incredible! And it’s there that I learned that God exists.

For all the sponsors, thank you so much! You helped me a lot and other people as well. Thank you so much for bringing God’s Word to me which greatly helped me to change.

It’s so nice that God gave me a blessing―a new wheelchair. My great hope is that though I could not walk here, in heaven… the LORD will accompany me as I walk in heaven.

I am Eagle Tigihanon, I am Eric Tigihanon, THANK YOU for changing my life!

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