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Sentinel in Blog Format

Sentinel is PAFCOE’s official newsletter. Since it’s first publication in 2018, Sentinel has made the latest news about PAFCOE available to the public in a print-friendly colorful layout. However, with the current logistical challenge and with the significant time required to produce an issue of the print-friendly format, it’s distribution has been delayed. There is also a need to facilitate easier online distribution of the newsletter. To address these concerns, Sentinel will now be published in a blog format beginning at this release.

More Blogs 

PAFCOE will also begin to release new blog posts every time a new PAFCOE Updates, Changed Lives, Testimonies of Faith, and Mission Miracles are released. The mentioned titles are video productions of PAFCOE:

  • PAFCOE Updates is about the latest PAFCOE happenings in video format.

  • Changed Lives is about how God changes people’s love through Amazing Facts Philippines’ ministry.

  • Testimonies of Faith is about the leap of faith that PAFCOE trainees and graduates take in order to do the service of the Lord.

  • Mission Miracles is about the amazing miracles PAFCOE trainees and graduates experience in the training and in the mission-field.

These 5 NEW Blogs will be accessible through the “NEWS” tab of

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