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PAFCOE 2020 Postponed

Because of the current situation and of the uncertainty of the upcoming months, the PAFCOE administration, last June 1, 2020, unanimously decided to postpone PAFCOE’s 16th Evangelism Training Session. The training session was originally scheduled to be on July 23 to December 2, 2020. Provided that the situation becomes favorable in the coming months, the session is planned to resume on January to May, 2021.

Online Courses

Now that we are in tougher times, the gospel needs workers more than ever before. To pursue the call of providing quality evangelism training, PAFCOE is developing an online evangelism training platform.

Further announcements will be made as soon as the curriculum for each course and the online infrastructure are ready. If you are interested in joining PAFCOE’s online courses or perhaps the physical training (God willing) this coming 2020, be updated and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and publication using this link:

Mission Opportunity

Though PAFCOE will not have a training session this year, we will continue to provide mission opportunities to everyone. Even now, you can join PAFCOE’s online evangelism efforts:

IN-REACH/UP-REACH: PAFCOE has been hosting LIVE online In-Reach/Up-Reach seminars since the beginning of the quarantine period, join us by following our Facebook page:

OUT-REACH: If you know anyone who would be blessed to know the everlasting gospel, you can invite them to follow Amazing Facts Philippines’ Out-Reach Facebook page:

Support the Ministry

As we shift our focus to online evangelism and in developing online evangelism resources, we need more financial help. We developed an online donation program called “Champions of Truth” to make partnering with PAFCOE and Amazing Facts Philippines as a whole more convenient and rewarding. Anyone who signs up to become a Champion of Truth will receive the Champions’ Armament, a huge amount of exclusive evangelism resource that can be used for both personal and public evangelism ministry. Please pray for this endeavor! Click the image for more info:

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