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TWO Hearts ONE Mission

By Jim Bryle & Geraldine Cacho

LOVE—this word capsulizes God’s overwhelming mercy, endless grace, and His incomparable faithfulness. Driven and rescued by His love, two hearts though sinners and unworthy are drawn closer for His glory. Grateful enough that God gave me a wife who would be my partner in the mission and be my companion as we both become learners in the school of Christ. After we got married on the 7th of May of 2019, my wife and I decided to be trained first under PAFCOE. We believe that PAFCOE is God’s tool for both of us to be equipped for the missions laid before us. We praise the Lord for His leading, that even after the training He has prepared a place where we can shine for Him.

Currently, we are assigned as Bible workers in Bulata, Cauayan, Negros Occidental as requested by Sipalay District Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Church under the leadership of Pastor Jether Canoy. The request was sent for Bulata SDA church which has been closed for almost three years. The district prays that Bulata congregation will be revived and become a soul-winning church by God’s grace.

Brgy. Bulata is located near the sea coast. Obviously, fishing is the people’s main livelihood. However, gambling, alcoholism, and other vices have become their leisure. Broken homes and early pregnancy are commonly happening. Spirituality is out of the picture. Seeing them with pity, people are hopeless and drowning in the floods of sin. These people are candidates for heaven and Jesus died for them as well. They are desperately in need to hear the hopeful and life-giving message from the Word of God.

Sadness filled our hearts when we first visited our church. The church building was dreadfully covered with vines and tall grasses. As we entered, damaged benches were covered by thick dust. Goats’ manure was scattered all over the floor. Surely, the church has been left out. Most of the members are gone.

God’s church should never be like this! Witnessing such a poor situation pierced our hearts. We fell on our knees. Tears rolled down our cheeks. The enemy seemed to have won. We fervently asked God to give us strength and wisdom to revive a dead territory.

To begin our conquest, we invited the people to join us for Sabbath. By doing so, we wanted them to experience again the joy and the blessing of Sabbath. To our amazement, thirty people including children responded positively. We saw a glimpse of hope from them. We wanted to do more.

Aside from conducting Bible studies, God prompted us to think of other creative ways. We intended to do the Serenading and Puto Ministry every Sabbath dawn. We held family worship and told stories to children. Throughout the Enhanced Community Quarantine period, we grabbed the chance to connect with more people. With the support of Sipalay District officers, we distributed relief goods to 50+ families in Bulata. God provides, indeed! By God’s grace, these activities opened the doors of more people for us. More of them became receptive to the truth we were sharing.

The Lord is not yet done. He has something more to demonstrate His glory in our mission field. Though we do not have money, the Lord provided funds through our generous sponsors to realize other church projects such as a vegetable garden and church toilet. Above all, we currently have an ongoing plan to renovate the church building and the children’s division building. See? It seems unbelievable but it is truly happening. We have nothing, but God has everything! He never fails us!

Until now, our Bible studies and the whole-day Sabbath worship are ongoing. Most of the people who are rendering parts in worship (song leading, presiding, praying, singing, and more) are not even Adventists. Previously, they did not know how to pray. Now, they can pray on the pulpit. They can even offer prayers to their fellowmen. They were known singers in karaoke but now they are singers for Jesus.

Indeed, we serve an amazing God! The Holy Spirit works non-stop in the people’s lives for their salvation. We can see the conversion in their lifestyle. We are even more committed to doing our best until these souls would finally accept Christ in the waters of baptism. It is our prayer that this church will never die again but will remain alive and active. We envision that Bulata church will become a soul-winning and commandment-keeping church. Please include this church in your special prayers. We are planning to conduct evangelistic & revival seminars and other projects. One of the brethren commented, “Sir and Ma’am, I thank God for sending you in our place. Life is meaningful with Jesus. Now I am sharing Jesus to my friends.” From all the experiences we have, the joy in winning souls is incomparable, fulfilling, and true.

Many churches have a similar condition with Bulata SDA Church. Many souls are dying now. These souls could be your family members, friends, relatives, neighbors or the person next to you. Perhaps, people are wearing their sweetest smiles to hide their silent cries. Many are feeling depressed and empty. Will you not take the chance to share Jesus to them, our only Hope? Co-worker, brighten the corner where you are. Give hope, share Jesus! If you do not know how, ask God (James 1:5). He will help you as He has helped us. As you share, the Holy Spirit works in you and in the people you are reaching. Then, a transformation takes place.

As a couple brought together by God, we give our two hearts entirely for this one mission—hasten Christ’s coming through soul-winning. May Jesus come in our generation, amen.

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The Devil is never happy when we actively participate in doing God’s work. Last September 27, we received news that Jim’s father suffered a heart attack but we praise the Lord that his life is preserved. Jim’s father is currently bedridden and undergoing medication. Join us in praying for Jim’s father and for his family. If you would like to extend some words of comfort or any help, you can contact Jim through (+63) 955-957-3480 or through

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