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Tragedy, Termites, and Triumph

Binayoyo is a mountain village located in Calawis, Antipolo City, Rizal. Most of the villagers are farmers and vegetable traders.

In 1997, a group of laymen discovered this village and they held an evangelistic seminar that harvested 20 souls. As they did not have a church building, they just borrowed a place for worship. The zealous new congregation grew and won more souls. The head elder donated his land, and the Binayoyo SDA Church building was made.

The church members were on fire for the Lord until the head elder died of a heart attack in February 2004. Without the head elder’s leadership, the church could hardly stand but they were still able to conduct an evangelistic seminar and added 30 souls in the church of Christ. Until then, the church faced another great storm of trial. The church members eventually fell away from the faith. It was 2007 that Binayoyo SDA Church was abandoned. The church building was destroyed by termites and the residents used it as a goat shelter for many years. The enemy appeared to have triumphed upon the death of Binayoyo church.

Sad as it was, but the Lord, in His power, had a thousand ways to prosper His work. In the next village stands the active and vibrant Calawis SDA church. One of the church elders, Joseph Diones, heard the story of Binayoyo church. He knew that inactive Adventists were living there who needed to be reached out. One day, elder Joseph, visited Binayoyo church site together with a missionary. Only one post was left from the church building and it was being used to station goats. His heart was crushed upon such a pitiful condition. Upon arriving home, elder Joseph and his wife Dr. Peachy, both are PAFCOE graduate, knelt in prayer and asked God to guide them on how to revive Binayoyo church. 

In 2018, Calawis SDA Church requested two Bible workers from PAFCOE. The workers were assigned to do the groundwork for five months in Binayoyo village. The church then conducted a medical mission and one-month evangelistic seminar. Elder Joseph was the speaker for the adult program while his wife headed the children’s program. Through the Holy Spirit, the church members were united and faithfully supported the event.

After the seminar, 27 souls were baptized for Jesus in Binayoyo. Several members were also reclaimed to the fold. Glory be to God! However, the work in Binayoyo did not end there. The next challenge was to nurture the newly-baptized individuals and God sent another PAFCOE worker to take care of the work. The midweek and vespers worships were held at the houses of the people. As Binayoyo did not have a church building, they went to spend their Sabbath in Calawis church.

In 2019, another one-month evangelistic seminar was held at Binayoyo by PAFCOE evangelists and Calawis church which added 15 souls to the members, Binayoyo congregation kept growing. One of the members offered to have his house as a temporary place for worship. There, this group of believers grew in faith and zeal as they participated in the church activities. Praises to God for restoring His fold in Binayoyo!

One more thing was lacking—their official worship place. So, the brethren prayed for the rebuilding of Binayoyo church. Unexpectedly in 2020, the pandemic was declared and we thought that the rebuilding would be halted. However, God has His ways. He used different people to bless and continue the church building project. At the same time, the church participated in an online seminar that added 3 souls to the congregation. Now, almost finished, the church building can be used to hold the believers for worship. Binayoyo church is continually growing in faith.

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