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Pampanga Goes for TOP3 Program

Pampanga Goes for TOP3 Program

Jomer Clerigo, a PAFCOE Graduate and a pastor serving in San Fernando SDA Church, Pampanga, accepted the call to do the TOP3 Program of Amazing Facts Philippines. He was able to form a team and did outreach and Bible studies for 2 months (May 29 – July 28) in Minalin, Pampanga—the evangelism site. Then, prophecy seminars for both adults and children were conducted in the 3rd month (July 29 – August 27). God blessed the effort with 30 souls baptized on August 27! More souls are expected to be baptized the following month.

TOP3 is a newly-created program by Amazing Facts Ph. It started in January of 2022 through the initiative of the PAFCOE Director, Kevin Pingol. It is a “Work where you want” privilege for PAFCOE Graduates. TOP3 stands for Training, Outreach, and Preach for 3 months wherever you want.

It offers a full-packed evangelism experience for the church as it has evangelism training, outreach, Bible studies, a Week of Prayer, and the evangelistic seminar. Moreover, Amazing Facts Ph provides an evangelism budget for this program. Since then, this program has been held in different parts of the Philippines in cooperation with the churches.

The TOP3 program in Pampanga was successful through the Holy Spirit uniting the church members. Their head elder, Nathaniel Canlas, shared that the church members gave their best efforts every night in the seminar. Moreover, the church provided abundant financial support and prayers. With the result of this program, the head elder assured that the church was revived and empowered to do more for the Lord.

One of the volunteers, Precious Jastillana, shared, “I was so blessed by this PAFCOE program. This is my first time witnessing a one-month crusade. I am always inspired to see the eagerness of the attendees to come each night to listen to God’s Word despite being busy. I can see that the Holy Spirit has been working within their lives. Also, the seminar helped me realize and feel the need of being a good example of faith to others. The love of Jesus should be exemplified in our lives so that the gospel will have a powerful influence on the people we are reaching out to.

Berlin Lugtu tearfully confessed, “I’ve been through a lot of trials in life and they are dragging me down. I am so happy to know Jesus because I can surrender all my worries and problems to Him. I praise Him for saving me from my sins. I am grateful that I was able to attend the seminar. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and I got baptized. Now, I have a new life in Jesus.” Ariel Waji, who also got baptized, shared, “I realized I have been wasting my life with my peers in doing non-sense things. I want to give my life to God and serve Him just like the missionaries. I want to be useful for the Lord.” 

True enough, the TOP3 Program in Pampanga was a success. To God be the glory! Currently, San Fernando SDA Church is nurturing the newly-baptized members in a rented building in Minalin. Soon, they will be able to raise a church building in the area and grow the church. |

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